Jumpers Bounce House came in the clutch! We rented 2 bouncer jumpy jumpers bouncy houses for my sons bday! Kyle Jehred - DeKalb, IL


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Linda Grabowski, DeKalb, IL - "My son Logan and daughter Vanessa had such a good time in Sycamore, IL for their friends birthday party! Jumpers Bounce House had set up 3 bouncers on Saturday and everyone had a blast. What a wonderful time for all!"

Colin Swedberg, Sycamore, IL - "My grandchildren had a fun time during Jamie's b-day party. The guys from Jumpers Bounce House were courteous, punctual, and timely with their bounce house rental business. I will be referring them to others in the area looking to rent out a bounce house in the future. Thank you gentleman"

Marcus High, DeKalb, IL - "I decided out on a whim to rent out one of those jumpy jumpers bouncy houses for my friends college graduation here at NIU in DeKalb. It was fun to be like kids again and just not care. We jumped on these bounce houses all day and had a ton of fun. My brothers graduation is coming up, from Kishwaukee college in Malta, and I think Jumpers Bounce House would be a great idea again in the future"

Joseph Liebowski, Genoa, IL - "My daughter turned 11 this week and Jumpers Bounce House came to the rescue! Our neighbors here in the Genoa-Kingston area had mentioned their name several times and it seemed like a good idea to contact them. Good thing we did! Thanks Jumpers Bounce House! We had a great time with your bouncy bouncer houses"

Corey Rehlman, Cortland, IL - "Jumpers Bounce House did a fantastic job and they were a bunch of nice guys. Everything went according to plan and they were very friendly. Our sons birthday party was a total succuess here in Cortland, IL. Thanks"

Kurtis Braget, DeKalb, IL - "My wife Katherine and I rented out 2 jumpy houses for my twin's b-day party here in DeKalb. This was the first time we used Jumpers Bounce House to rent out jumpy bouncy houses and we are glad we picked these guys. A blast!"

James Meister, DeKalb, IL - "I was blown away with how much fun all of the kids had here at James' birthday party!!! Such a fun time!!! We rented out a jumpy house for a weekend BBQ in DeKalb, IL. Everyone from the block came over and even some friends from Sycamore came on out. All of the kids had so much fun. Thanks again you guys!!!!!!!!!"

William Frasier, Geneva, IL - "One of the best times I have had with my children. We rented a jumpy house from Jumpers Bounce House for our sons' birthday party. They under-promised and over-delievered. Fantastic stuff thanks to Jumpers Bounce House."

Jeffrey Smith, Batavia, IL - "There is a first time for everything...And at 48 years old I got on a bounce house this past weekend! Jumpers Bounce House delivered 4 bounce houses to our home here in Batavia. I never knew how much fun we could have on a jumpy house. My grandkids had such a blast"

Life it too short so don't forget to have FUN!  That is what we are all about here at Jumpers Bounce House! Our bouncers are perfect for your kids and family! Call us at 815-757-9696 to reserve your bounce house moonwalk inflatable this week! We serve all of Northern Illinois! Based out of Sycamore, IL. Call us now to reserve YOUR bouncy house inflatable moonwalk NOW! Email us at


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The guys at Jumpers Bounce House

did a fantastic job with our sons 

birthday party in Sycamore last month.

They were prompt and everyone had a

blast. Even my wife and I hopped on for a

few minutes!" Chris Braget- Sycamore,IL


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"Jumpers Bounce House made our event SO FUN! We rented 4 bounce house inflatable jumpers for my sons birthday in DeKalb last weekend. Such a blast and AFFORDABLE!!! Thanks Jumpers Bounce House!"

Kirsten H. DeKalb, IL

Jumpers Bounce House of Sycamore, IL offers a wide variety of moonwalk bouncy house inflatable jumpers bouncers. Our service is perfect for birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and other fun events! If you need a bounce house for your next event, look NO further! Our bounce houses are the lowest rates in Northern Illinois! We now serve Rockford, IL & North Aurora, IL! Our bounce houses are all jumbo sized and a great time! Our bounce houses are cleaned after every use! We take pride in our clean bounce house moonwalks! Please contact us at 815-757-9696 or email us to reserve your bounce house jumpersbouncehouse@yahoo.com

Thank you SO MUCH!! My son James

Lisa had a blast with the castle bouncy

house! Thanks again Jumpers Bounce

House!" Lisa Johnson - DeKalb, IL

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Jumpers Bounce House has served the Northern Illinois area for the last few years! We focus on fun and family here! Whether you are celebrating a birthday party for your child, a graduation party, or just a fun time with the neighborhood, Jumpers Bounce House is the BEST Bounce House Rental service in the Northern Illinois area! We can deliver your bouncer and set it up for you, or you can come pick it up and set it up yourself. We serve Sycamore, IL, DeKalb, IL, Burlington, IL, Genoa, IL, Maple Park, IL, Kingston, IL, Cortland, IL and Elburn IL 

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